Flight of Fancy


Jimmy got his pick
1/48th scale B 17 model
hot nose art decal
redhead in a negligee
reclining with arm beneath her head
cryptic legend,
“Shoo Shoo Baby”

Jimmy is seven
his mother is unhappy
but Bill was his favorite uncle
Jimmy loves airplanes

Jimmy knows
Bill sent away
paid for a image
guy who recreates artwork from WWII
Betty Grable’s “Sentimental Journey” and “Memphis Belle”

Bill called “Shoo Shoo Baby”
his flight of fancy
said she looked like Cindy
the night of the prom
Jimmy heard Bill
say this to Uncle Jack

Jimmy likes war planes
he flies it over the Nazis
alert on the woven
rag throw rug in his bedroom

“Shoo Shoo Baby”
he whispers as the bombs drop

dVerse: Poet’s Pub
OpenLinkNight #174

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