Between the Silences


The Starbucks buzz and yammer crashes over thought
business and busyness is the trade of the marketplace
you and I work perhaps perpendicular, perhaps more
parallel, somewhat askew because we wash along in
the waves – sound waves, laughter, persuasion, cajole
– light waves, door opens, closes, colors entering –
thought is muffled and the child within me gets to work.

For an hour I seem to be deep in my book, which I am.
But also for an hour I scurry through the dark tunnels
as I catch and capture conversation that eddies, roils,
not comprehending, but actively inhaling what is not air.

The dangers I face, daredevil I, by refusing to muffle
with earbuds the steady roaring swells and breakers
of inanity, profundity, incredulity, and raw insanity
are made tame when weighed against the pure gold
of dialogue’s fodder – my next characters auditioning
for the big role yet to be imagined, to be written

This is when the creative process shows itself alive
baring teeth and rearing up in defiance on hind feet…
between the sterile silences.

dVerse: Poet’s Pub
OpenLinkNight #174

16 thoughts on “Between the Silences

  1. Sitting in my favorite coffee shop as I write this (local joint, not Starbucks), I love the picture you paint of courage to stay in the moment and not in the earbuds. That closing stanza is brilliant! Baring teeth…between the sterile silences. Beautiful 🙂

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  2. I can’t write with all that disctraction and noise, smiles ~ But poems can be found anymore, specially from coffee shops ~ Charley, I also want to tell you that during OLN, only 1 poem can be linked up ~ Please choose which poem you would like to keep and I will delete the other one ~ Thanks for joining us ~

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  3. The silences and the spaces in between. Excellent poem. I never go to coffee shops (much better coffee at home!) or such places. You go to the noisy places for inspiration. I can see how you can go into the silent mode while there, keeping distractions at bay.

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  4. LOVE the last stanza! I for one, think ear buds are insidiously sending ear worms into our heads — plugging us away from humanity and all it has to offer. It’s quite similar to those other two diseases spreading so quickly now that perhaps the CDC should take note: thumbs that twitch in the night like the dog’s paws that are dreaming when it sleeps….and the crooked necks that seem to be getting closer and closer to connecting our chins with our chests — in the looking down at those small devices that call themselves phones. Did you ever notice, that with the original telephones, one stood erect and tall? 🙂 Just sayin’ — oh my but your words got me thinking! 🙂

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    • My! WE have issues! 🙂 I’m glad I got you thinking. Your words made me smile and laugh out loud (yes, I still spell it out)! Have a great day. Stay away from the damnable technology… if you can!

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