Daily I am reminded what a wonderful life I have lived since that fateful date.

The drive to the place where we agreed to meet was nerve wracking.  It was not anything to do with the drive itself; I don’t even remember if there was any other traffic on the road.  I was driving to meet the woman I was certain would become my wife, my best friend, my partner, my soul mate.  So I sweated mercilessly.  I chewed Altoids – one after another.

Six months, twenty-eight days later we shared self-written promises as we married.  Non-traditional, but exactly words that matched our personalities; we in essence said “I do.”

And every day since – whether verbally or not – we have re-spoken “I do.”


A plant needs rich soil

love grows from richness unseen

our roots intertwine


 dVerse: Poet’s Pub

Haibun Monday #15 All Things Quotidian

Haibun Monday #15 All Things Quotidian

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