Eddy Swirl

“The River Can’t Heal Everything.” – Jim Harrison


Houseboat summers

sandbar moorings

with neighbors not from home.


Swimming sunlight

brown and slender

meals grabbed grudgingly.


Sunset smore roast,

campfire stories;

yarns spun way past midnight.


Sleep on blankets

on the rooftop

under the constellations bright.


Hear the grownups

voices turning harsh

laughter stopped by angry yell.


Things said that night

talk over our heads

Dad’s whisper fierce, Mom’s yelled reply.


Neighbors gone at dawn.

Quiet we head for home.

Dad packs a suitcase and then is gone.


Our lives are changed

by something unexplained.


And the river will never answer.


This is part of “28 Days of Unreason”

based on prompts taken from poems

by Jim Harrison.


6 thoughts on “Eddy Swirl

  1. A poignant piece, the stage setting lulls the reader into the mind of a youngster on holiday with such lines as “meals grabbed grudgingly” and “with neighbors not from home.” then comes the warning shot “voices turning harsh”. Suddenly the holiday turns into a nightmare. The simply described images are very clever and while we all love complex amazing new language, where our imagination can run free, it is an altogether different skill required to enable the reader to ‘feel’ the content of the prose/poetry using conventional words/sentence structure. This poem achieves this brilliantly.


    • Thank you, sir! I had to go read this one again (life goes past apace here). Your analysis is on the mark. I’m glad you found this a worthy read. Jim Harrison’s quotes take me out of the everyday when I use him as a springboard.

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      • Indeed, it was via my friend Lynn and your dVerse group that I recently discovered Mr Harrison. I was sufficiently impressed to seek out a copy of ‘The shape of the journey’.


      • I haven’t read that one. We were working through one of his last: Songs of Unreason. He is straight-forward, and yet he quite often gives the impression that he is seeing things from somewhere beyond.

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