Riding On the Dragon’s Back

The night sky

a daunting task

not so much the sky

as the efforts

of poets over hundreds

of years to capture

its essence

in sonnet armed

with metaphor disarmed

with alliteration.  Still

moved by the show drawn

deep within the silent

well, I rise in spirit

as also I bow

in supplication

to the night

to the night

as she bids

me lay down

all my cares

all my concerns

in her gaze

all my labors a-bed.


My to-do lists cease

to carry weight or urgency.


All this has been said

before.  Perhaps better.

Certainly with urgent

specificity.  Nevertheless

I hear her say



What if in all that lies

before us, about us is


save for Earth?


Would the solitude with which we watch

the Spine make

the universe the less

or we the lonely audience


dVerse Poets’ Pub: OpenLinkNight #173

Grace, our hostess this evening says: “Hi everyone!  Welcome to OpenLinkNight !   This is your opportunity to link 1 poem of your choice as this is no prompt-day.”

19 thoughts on “Riding On the Dragon’s Back

  1. Gazing at the stars seems to amplify the sense of solitude…of us being so distant and separated from everything in the night sky. Were the celestial display not there, perhaps we would turn inward to a greater degree–and find that the universe exists within ourselves. Nicely done.

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  2. Love the title — and I’m struck with the idea that so many have written so many different words, within diverse contexts, from different angles, to describe what lies above us! Well done!

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