Make Do While Nature Makes Dew

The night expands,

a ramie sweater,

knit from a giving

material.  And awake,

I count bolls in lieu

of sheep, and do

math when I should

sleep.  Thus deprived,

a lad such as I can

make much of little,

make grease of spittle,

make great burdens small as I whittle

away the wee hours,

gathering cotton,

not gathering wool.

5 thoughts on “Make Do While Nature Makes Dew

    • Rosemary’s reply left me confused, so I went to the Links for the Etheree and this poem was written after that.Your Etheree was Sea-Breeze Front, which I loved! As I recall, I saw this yesterday on Poetic Asides for the “Make _____” prompt. Ah, how the technology turns us around 🙂

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    • Sorry I missed your comment. I’ve got several things going on… here and elsewhere, so there’s no telling when I’m doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. I might do just that sometime. Tonight I think I’ll share something new and untried. I’m glad you liked my poem, ‘though!


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