always standing by

waits patiently for it all to make sense

but it makes no sense

there’s an easy way out

but if he takes it

there’s no way out

there’s always a catch


he’s been sick, bedridden

running a fever that’s barely a fever

the mummy across the room

is eerily silent

taking bottle after bottle

they wheeled him out

his black mouth hole cried nothing



everybody has their reality

nobody knows reality

but they all seem unconcerned

they all appear unconnected


the screams in the night

the cat on his roommate’s face

the ghost in the tent

the one who can help

can only be seen when he’s not in


you have to be crazy

you have to ask permission

if you ask permission

then you can’t be crazy

some catch, that one


Y, oh, Y!

must you go through heller and back!


dVerse is doing a night of “character studies.”

I don’t know if I’m on track, but here is my character study.

Poetics – Character Study


17 thoughts on “Y

  1. (I’ll refrain from naming your very recognizable character.) This really made me smile – you capture the insanity of it all so well. The feel of this is very Heller-esque. You sketched ‘Y’ so well!

    Liked by 1 person

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