Tranquil Eyes Look at the World

deep breath

close your eyes

count to ten

let out a sigh

simmer down


I’m under a live oak

the sun is behind me

and the heat of the day is magenta


two days ago I found the meaning of life

picked it up off a sidewalk in front of the school

thought it was a quarter


yesterday I had to give it back

the truth it contained had caused a bad rash

the persistent itch I have on my right shoulder blade


tomorrow is my day of rest

ironic somehow that it falls upon a Sunday

you should invite me to your church

tell me how it’s different from all the others

how your pastor is a great guy, a loving woman

how your pastor knows all the allusions jammed into Shreck II


tomorrow I will take a deep breath

I will close my eyes to all the ills facing the country

you will count to ten and then decide I’m not coming,

let out a sigh and head in to sing the second verse

on my hammock I will

simmer down


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