The river road glides beside its mother serpent.  Like a child, the path I tread meanders.  My feet ache to carry me down into hidden hollows.  I long to float among trees untouched by children, unseen by lovers sneaking solitude.  Time pulls me along captive to the course of the trail.  I lose deep connection with the water and the music of a day like this.

An osprey chases an eagle as the half-moon watches from her tower.  Their cavorting draws me up through the current of thoughts.  They splash the sky and I am showered in spray.

My journey allows me peace to compose.


Ten notes as prelude

ripples of expectation

unspoken, wordless


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36 thoughts on “Downstream

  1. So peaceful and centered on your walk. Whenever I see anything like a hawk or an eagle I just can’t stop staring upwards. Such grace. At home it is never silent but outside there is little to say, just watching and soaking it in

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  2. They splash the sky and I am showered in spray…love this line regarding the birds. We are regrowing/vigorating the eagles and osprey along our river and it is glorious to see. I have two birds who are best buddies – a mockingbird and a brown thrasher – Peat and Repeat. I have taught the mockingbird the first six notes to the musical theme from the XFiles. It is fun to hear and he and his friend know there will always chopped apples tossed for them and so they send the song to me. This is such a wonderful walk and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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  3. “The river road glides beside its mother serpent.” What an arresting opening line– and this continues to be stunning throughout. You’ve managed to write with the elusive quality that captivates me in my favorite haibun/haiku/tanka; that deceptive lightness and simplicity which give the poems their elegance. This feels like a poem I’d want to carry around all day in my pocket like a polished stone, to pull out, turn in my hands, and study in different lights so each time it might reveal a new facet of its beauty.

    Excellent writing. Spare, clean, quiet– but powerful

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  4. Each line of this is captivating, but I am especially drawn to this one…
    “I lose deep connection with the water and the music of a day like this.”…..the idea of a day’s own music is so wonderful. Love it.

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    • Don’t you feel that? Some days have a jarring soundtrack, others soothing. Some days I just long for something from Wyndham Hill. Glad you enjoyed the poem!


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