The Smear*

It ceased
the universe held its breath
I hung suspended

below a chasm
above the boundless sea of clouds and sun

Hanging suspended
by a filament of unreason
I observed those who
moved and worked and lived below

plotted trajectories
determined outcomes
not godlike I
more a strategic architect
a landscape artist
painting with life

It all ceased because the creator hit pause

too much too long
had flowed toward me in me through me

clarity and sanity rebelled

I, like the coyote who runs
past the edge of the precipice
it all stopped
before the big long fall

I looked

The bird was gone
leaving only a wake of dust

* – The smear was first heavily used by legendary animator Chuck Jones. The technique is used to allow the moving object to move with a sudden burst of speed; often being depicted in a single frame of animation. Movement in animation is created by the use of key frames (the beginning and ending point of a smooth transition) and the in between frames (the frames in between the key frames that help create the illusion of motion). —


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