Blizzard of Haiku

“In this world of dreams don’t let the clock cut up your life in pieces.” — Jim Harrison

Our dog sleeps all day

wakes from nap – yawns – naps again

Our hammock hangs slack

My friends have grown old

Rigid and creaking live oaks

Slow – focus on stars

Which shell hides a pea?

The shell that contains your soul

Time’s knife cuts no pea

Slippery – our lives

Greased by joy – rust is worry

Do not wind the clock

Shavings of my life

Spread upon the forest floor

Piliated time

A watch worn in woods

Serves only one real purpose

Did your compass break?

A bear laughs at time

Thirty-second chase for her

A lifetime for you

This is part of “28 Days of Unreason”

based on prompts taken from poems

by Jim Harrison.

(see Jilly2016 for details)


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